Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch has been featured as a Trophy Whitetail Hunting Destination on several of the nation’s top outdoor television shows! Whether we host outreach hunts for children or some of the top outdoor celebrities and wildlife authorities including:

We are proud to share our hunting experiences with you!

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Bone Cam Episode 8 (Yearlings)

The yearling cam is back again this week and they are really pouring on the antler. They have only a couple of more weeks of growing season left and the sprint to the finish has begun.

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Bone Cam Episode 7 (Yearlings)

We can't hardly believe it has been seven weeks of the Bone Cam already. These yearling bucks are definitely not disappointing us. We are seeing great growth out of them and they still have about a month of growing left.

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Bone Cam Episode 6 (Yearlings)

This week the yearlings really started adding onto their tine length and the mature bucks exploded with growth. You also get some great close ups of the mature bucks in this week's episode.

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Bone Cam Episode 3 (The Two Year Edition)

This week on the two year edition of the Bone Cam, the bucks have made a huge jump in the rate of growth. It will amazing you the next few weeks. These bucks are putting massive amounts of growth on in a week's time.

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Bone Cam Episode 5 (Yearlings)

This week in the 5th episode of the Yearling Bone Cam, they are starting to push bone a lot more. We can't wait to see them growing in the next couple of weeks. This time of year you can almost see them growing.

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Episode 9 (On The Ranch)

This week, we talk about and show you the new Hygrade grader blade we have at Oak Creek. With the storms we get it is a necessity to have a good blade to correct the roads after they have been washed out. Shane and Donald both show different things the blade can do in...

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