Tips for Hunting Deer and Elk

Tips for Hunting Deer and Elk

There’s a lot more to hunting deer and elk than just point and shoot tactics. Scouting, planning, having a great kit, and even controlling your scent are all key factors that can make or break a hunt. It’s almost impossible to hide from your target forever, but...

Elk Hunting Preserves

Elk Hunting Preserves

Hunting and Conservation—How One Ranch Demonstrates a Balance Between Sport and Healthy Ecology When we think about passionate hunters, the terms “conservation,” “preservation,” and “eco-focused” probably are not the first to come to the average person’s mind....

Oak Creek 2017

We have been having a great year in 2017, check out this new promo with some of the bucks from this season.

September Hunters Harvest at Oak Creek

The first month of season has flown by. Our hunters have harvested some really nice deer, from pretty typicals to a 406" giant. Check out the slideshow of some of the bucks so far. If you are still looking for a place to hunt this season or wanting to extend your...

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