How large is your ranch?

Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch is approximately 1,000 acres.

I am disabled and cannot walk prolonged distances and I was wondering how easy it is for me to get around for a hunt?
We do a lot of disabled hunts with no problem. While our lodge is not handicap accessible, we can take them to and from the stand with little to no walking. Most of our stands have stairs going up to them so if you can climb stairs we will have no problem. We also have a few wheel chair accessible stands.
Are hunts available year round?
Not whitetail hunts but most of our hunts on the ranch are year round. Elk and Whitetail hunts are from September through December but can hunt some exotics (special order) during other times.
Are guides available, if so what is the cost?
Guides are included in the cost of the hunt on the main ranch and Oak Creek II is semi-guided.
Is full processing available? What is the cost of processing?

Yes, $125 for a whitetail sized animal. They will tenderize, shrink wrap and freeze it for you.

What is your success rate for whitetail hunting?
On our larger whitetail hunts we will hunt you until you harvest that animal. Whether you have to stay a little longer or come back another trip. We want you to go home happy.
How many acres do the elk roam on?
We have no cross fences, we pride ourselves in being a fair chase preserve. The animals have free range of the ranch.
What methods and caliber do you recommend for the different types of game?
If you are coming to trophy hunt I think bigger is better. You do not want the trophy of a lifetime to get away. I do not like ballistic tip bullets or hollow points. I like a bullet that will penetrate all the way through the animal and leave a blood trail if it does run off. My weapon of choice for the whitetail and larger animals is a 30.06, 7 Mag, 300 magnum or larger.
Are there firearm restrictions as to caliber size?
No but bigger is better and again I do not like ballistic tips or hollow points.
Do you offer any specials for military members or nonprofit organizations?
We do what we can and usually try and get them a larger animal than what they come for.
Is blaze orange a requirement?
We do not require blaze orange on the ranch. You may wear it if you wish, though.
Are there any other costs we should budget for?

Your taxidermy, (anywhere from $550 to $800 depending on the taxidermist you choose) processing of meat, (typically $125 for a whitetail sized animal) and tips and gratuity for cooks ($100 per hunter) and guides (on average 10% of hunt cost).

Is there any state licensing requirement/fee not included in your fee?
No all of your license cost is included in the cost of hunt. Your license will be available to sign upon arrival and will not count against your normal Missouri license if you have one.
What is the average size of your whitetail?
Average size of whitetail on Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch a little over 250″.
What are prices if we bring our own weapon vs. if you provide the weapon?
If you need to borrow a weapon we can arrange for that at no charge.
How much for each additional animal killed?
Depends on the size and species, refer to the price list of the ranch you are hunting.
What all do we need to bring? i.e. towels? bathroom items? pillows? sheets? etc.
All of this is included and supplied by the ranch. The only thing you might want to bring is your normal hunting clothes depending on the weather and hunting supplies, say grunt tubes, sents or rattling horns if you are hunting whitetail.
Do you offer other hunts even though they are not listed on your website?

No most of everything we offer is listed on the website. Please call to inquire about this year’s exotics.

What would the cost be for a 1 day hunt (no meals or lodging)?
We do not do one day hunts for whitetail, just package hunts.
Are you a member of SCI? Do you score for SCI?
Yes we are members and have three master measurers that can score your animal.
Will I be able to reschedule a booked hunt?
If you give us 30 days prior written notice we will reschedule your hunt. Less than that will be subject ot full foreiture of deposit.
Are there limits on hunting hours?
Daylight to dark for the whitetail hunts.
Can we carry a gun while bow hunting for backup or for long range shots?
What ages do you allow to hunt?
8 yrs old with adult
Do you offer exotic hunts?
We do offer some exotic hunts upon request.
Do you have bow targets or a gun range?

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