When recognized writers, editors and publications want to share the thrill of a true Trophy Whitetail Hunting Experience, they reach out to Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch! Read along as they share their experiences. Then call us to begin making plans for your lifetime whitetail hunting memories!


Sporting Classics

Written by Gayne Young


Sporting Classics

Written by Larry Chesney


Sporting Classics

Written by Michael Altizer


Safari Magazine

Written by Randy Allen

Hunter's Horn Fall 2013

Written by Jim Miller


Game Trails Summer 2012

written by Gayne C. Young

Texas Sporting Journal July/August 2012

Written by Jim Miller
Great Southwest outdoors
on the Sportsman channel


Game Trails

Convention 2011

Texas Sporting Journal May/June 2011

Written by Steve Lightfoot

Texas Sporting Journal March/April 2011

Written by Jeff Copeland


Sporting Classics

Written by Larry Weishuhn
Host of Winchester World of Whitetails

Sporting Classics April 2010

Written by Gayne C. Young
Game Trails reprinted with permission from Dallas Safari Club