Amenities at Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch

Amenities at Oak Creek

Starting in 2018 we will be offering our Oak Creek Family extra amenities to make their time at the ranch even better. This year, you will be able to receive massages and try out our new blue rock thrower. Who knows what we will add next, things are only getting better at Oak Creek. At Oak Creek, we want to be known as the best overall experience in the whitetail hunting world.

Do you need to relax?

We will be offering a full range of massage treatments for total relaxation and tranquility by Tina Triplett. She will be performing her art with three different levels. The first is a 60 minute massage, the second level is a 90 minute and the final level is the hot stone massage. Tina is a master masseuse with years of experience in her craft.

So go out and enjoy your hunt in the morning, come back for a great lunch by our chef Dustin and then go relax with Tina before you go back out for the evening hunt.

“This was so enjoyable, I came in and didn’t even know how tight my muscles were until Tina started the massage. I felt better than I have for months,” wrote one Oak Creek hunter. This was a reoccurring theme on the exit evaluations from the hunters.


Do you accept the Challenge?

Check out our Promatic Pilot blue rock thrower. This thrower with its’ 200 clay capacity is great for groups. It can be remotely operated which adds a greater challenge. Reload time is two seconds. Another cool feature of the Pilot is the wobble. This allows the machine to be in a different position for every throw. Come out and test your skills with us on an afternoon shoot.






Are you an avid fisherman or just like to wet a line? Well, how about heading over to Donald and Angi’s ponds for a little bit of fishing during the midday stretch. From large mouth bass to catfish there is something for everyone.


We will be adding more as the season goes along. If you have any suggestions of things you would like to see, just send us a line. Oak Creek is always looking to improve the quality of your time with us.