When you’re searching for affordable trophy whitetail hunts, consider some of the guided whitetail deer hunts in Missouri.

Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch offers all inclusive trips that have everything you’re looking for.

  • Guided Hunts: Having a guide can be very beneficial on whitetail deer hunting trips. An experienced guide who is familiar with the terrain can help navigate the ranch’s woodlands and creek bottoms.
  • Whitetail deer: While there is, of course, whitetail deer on the guided whitetail deer hunts in Missouri, there are a range of sizes. Consider a management hunt, which ranges from 160” to 190”. There are also trophy hunts that range from 191” to 210” and even supreme hunts ranging from 211” to 600”.
  • Affordable prices: While there is also a range of prices, affordable trophy whitetail hunts are priority at Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch. Prices depend on the size of the animal you harvest or you can hunt the Oak Creek Two Ranch where there is a flat rate of  $4,900 no matter what size deer you shoot, depending on the time of year.
  • Licenses: All licenses are included with the whitetail deer hunting trip packages at the ranch so guests do not have to figure out and apply for licensure on their own.
  • Lodging and meals: In addition to hunting, visitors will enjoy the food and lodging at Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch, both of which are included in whitetail hunts. The bed-and-breakfast-style lodge offers a relaxing atmosphere, delicious food and fantastic, friendly service.

With all of these things included in our affordable trophy whitetail hunts, Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch is the obvious choice for all of your guided whitetail deer hunts in Missouri. The affordable prices and spectacular amenities make it a great deal already, but throwing in the some of the world’s largest deer on top of that makes it the perfect, all-inclusive experience.

If you’re interested in organizing a whitetail deer hunting trip or have any further questions, give us a call today at (573) 943-6644 or fill out the contact form on our website.