Welcome to Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch, your gateway to an unparalleled fair-chase trophy deer hunting experience nestled in the picturesque Missouri Ozarks. As a licensed Missouri big game hunting ranch and outfitter, Oak Creek is not just a hunting ground; it’s a destination that promises adventure, challenge, and the chance to harvest extraordinary Red Stags.

The Oak Creek Experience: 

Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch stands as a testament to exceptional hunting, boasting records for thirty-three of the top thirty-five whitetail deer. The expansive ranch features hardwood hollows, cedar ridges, and winding creek bottoms, providing an environment that challenges even the most seasoned hunters.

Meet the Red Stag: 

Antlers that Command Awe: The Red Stag, or red deer, captures the imagination with its magnificent antlers, reaching lengths of up to 1.2 meters and weighing an impressive 5 kg. These antlers make it one of the most coveted hunting trophies.

Distinctive Features: Recognizable by its large head and wide-spaced brown eyes, the Red Stag leaves hoof prints known as “slots,” often mistaken for sheep or goat marks. Agile in water, they swim across bodies during the rut, showcasing their adaptability.

The Roar and Behavior: Emitting a distinctive “roar,” Red Stags use this call to attract hinds and signal dominance. Known for their aggressiveness, they respond to calls, adding an element of strategy to the hunt.

Survivor’s Instinct: Red Stags showcase resilience, adapting to diverse environments and weather conditions, from extreme cold to heat.

Omnivorous Diet: Grazing on grass, leaves, and bark, Red Stags display an omnivorous appetite, consuming fruits, nuts, insects, and even lichens and fungi during winter. Their venison is lauded as the world’s best-tasting, marrying delightful flavor with high protein and low fat.

The Hunt Itself: 

Size and Intensity: A Red Stag’s formidable size, ranging from 175 to 250 cm in length and weighing 160 to 240 kg, makes the hunt more akin to big game hunting than typical deer pursuits.

Management for Magnificence: Oak Creek Ranch operates on a high-intensity management plan, ensuring that only mature stags, typically nothing smaller than a 280-class, are harvested. This approach heightens the thrill of the hunt and increases your chances of claiming a trophy stag.

For directions to Oak Creek Ranch, visit here. Delve into the nuances of hunting Red Stag deer with insightful tips here.

Embark on a journey where each hunt is an adventure, and each trophy is a testament to the wild beauty of the Missouri Ozarks at Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch.