Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch has been featured as a Trophy Whitetail Hunting Destination on several of the nation’s top outdoor television shows! Whether we host outreach hunts for children or some of the top outdoor celebrities and wildlife authorities including:

We are proud to share our hunting experiences with you!

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Bone Cam Episode 11 (Yearlings)

If you have been watching the Bone Cam, this is the week we have been waiting for, the velvet is drying and there are a couple already cleaned off. We have added cedar trees for them to rub off on. We have found these work the best for the bucks in the pens....

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Bone Cam Episode 6 (The Two Year Old Edition)

The two year olds are back and bigger than ever. It is amazing how much they have grown since last week. In this episode, you get to see a lot of the bucks upclose and personal, so you can get a great look at their racks. Check it out.

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