Ace The Blood Tracking Dog – Tracking in the Creek Bottom

It has been a week, now we rejoin Ace and the guys as he is tracking in the creek bottom at Oak Creek.

Donald just came in the office and he has deer on his hands, I can smell it, something is going down today, man I hope we get to do some work!  Yep here he comes back in and he has my collar in his hand.  Must be a training day because we don’t have any hunters here.  I’m game, training or not I get to spend time with Donald out in the woods. 

Oh wait, Marty and Jesse are coming, they have the camera’s.  Show time!  Time to be a celebrity, we are going to do a new video today, that means they are going to try and out smart me, pssh, I am “Ace the Blood Tracking Dog”  they can’t out smart me. 

Oh I smell it, I smell fresh hides and hoofs coming from the skinning shed.  Wait, Wait, why are you locking me in the skinning shed……their leaving me again.  I’ll set here and bark until they come back and get me.

Here we go!

Donald is laying down a hoof track for me, Ace the Blood Tracking Dog!

Donald is laying down a hoof track for me, Ace the Blood Tracking Dog!

Here we go, I smell them coming, Oh yea, full on TV crew at my beckon call.  Oh yea, I’m the man, I’m “Ace The Blood Tracking Dog”!  Time to show off for the ladies. Looks like they have laid out a hoof track, no blood, perfect, that gives me a challenge.  I love tracking in the creek bottom. Ok boys all this talking and no tracking is getting old, this is about me, let me go and lets do this thing. 

OK, looks like Donald is going to keep me on lead, man that really slows me down, he just can’t keep up, between me and you he is getting a little thick around the waist now days.  Let me go so I can knock this thing out.  Down the hill we go, wow he is starting out strong, right over the ground hog den, right into where the skunk was last night……wow that will wake up the old smeller! 

Here comes the tricks!

Here we go, the first 90 degree turn, yep here comes another.   Hurry up Jesse, Donald keeps holding me back to let you get in front for pictures, I am going to swing wide left here because everyone knows my right side is the most photogenic.  As Lighting McQueen says…..Kachow! That should get a few more pretty little spay queen groupies following me.  The Bitches Love ME! OK, back to business now. 

Another couple 90’s and wow what a big circle,  I have to do this one right this time, no cutting corners, Marty is up on the hill recording all of this, I have to make it look good.  OK, I got him going out of the circle but I am going to make another loop to make it look good.  Here we go, another 90 degree turn, man he is making this one tough. 

Lost the Track!

Down the field we go, wait, I lost him, the track just ends, lets just double back and check, nope it ends right here. What is going on? I don’t see a hide, I know it is not over.  Donald is just standing there.  Lets go back one more time, nope, it ends in the same place, what is the deal?  OK, Donald is circling, don’t help me. I can’t find anything, the cameras are rolling, my fine fillies are all watching and I am going to blow it. 

There, there, wait I have something, a back track, I should have caught that the first time around.  Anyway here we go, yep, I smell the hide in the wind, it is over by the pond, this has gone on long enough, I’m cutting the corner and going right to the hide. 

Come on Donald, you are supposed to follow me, maybe if I bark a few times he will follow.  Nope, he is going to make me follow this whole stinking track.  Well lets get on with it…… Another circle, another 90 degree turn, here we go, we are getting closer, OH Baby, OH Baby!  

Got it, yes I am the man! I am “Ace the Blood Tracking Dog”!  Right side Jesse, right side, remember my right side is my photogenic side. 

Hello World, I Am Coming For YA!  I am “Ace The Blood Tracking Dog”!

Come back next time for more of my adventures and in the mean time, check out my other blogs and videos.