Running a Man Track – Ace The Blood Tracking Dog  

Oh Man! Donald is getting his jacket and boots on.  He has the collars in his hand! That means it is time to go to work.  I wonder what we are going to do? Could there be a deer down? No it is the wrong time of year. Could there be a lost kid somewhere?  Could there be a lost person? Oh Oh! Here he comes, collar is on boys its GO TIME!!!!!!!

Wait, he is leaving me? He is walking out of the yard?  Oooooh we are going to do a little training today. We are going to do a little man tracking.  Awesome, I have been so bored!  He always tries to trick me on these tracks, walking in the creek, doing big circles and even the preverbal back track. There are so many places to try to trick me on Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch. I ask you this, when have you ever seen a wounded deer walk backwards?  These humans do some of the strangest things.  Inevitably he aways finds some deer beaded down and walks through them… I am going to get confused and think I am going to be able to catch a healthy deer.  Or there was one time he laid a dead coon on the track to throw me off.  Man I wanted to eat that thing but I am smarter than that.  He is just trying to get me to mess up.  I have an image to uphold, I am “Ace The Blood Tracking Dog”. 

Ok, it is time, I am going hoarse here and Angi is trying to work.  Someone let me out of here!

Here We Go – Running a Man Track

OK, here comes Angi, GO GO GO LETS GO he is getting away!  Here we go, Ace the Blood Tracking Dog – Running a Man Track! Man it smells nice out here today there is a little snow falling and the ground is so moist the scents just pop off the ground and right up my nose. 

Lost the Track!

Dang where did he go? I lost his scent.  I was so excited I must have over run it a little.  Man it is scary out here in these woods alone.  I smell coyotes, what if they come get me?  I think I am going to sit here and let Donald come find me, I will let out a couple howls so he can find me.  Well I don’t hear him coming so I better go back and find his track again. 


There it is, I am on it now, I am going to slow down a little and keep my nose to the ground so I don’t loose it again, it is scary out here today, eerie quite. I am on him now, yep here is his second 90 degree turn, well I guess he will head to the creek now, up the hill across the road, nope, he must have gone down the road.  Here he goes another 90.  What is this, a huge circle with some zig zags in it, I don’t have time for this, watch this, I am cutting the corner and yep, I smell him, getting closer , I got him now he is up in this stand, probably taking a nap if I know him. 

Bingo Gotcha!  Come on down, I am “Ace The Blood Tracking Dog” and you can’t fool me.  Come to papa, give me my lovin’ and tell me how good I am. Now the work is done, maybe he will take me for a run around the ranch to check the feeders, maybe even get a quick bite of a little gray squirrel if I am quick enough.