When the Hellcat came out, I was intrigued. I knew I had to do a Springfield Hellcat Review. What manner of engineering voodoo can stack so many rounds into a subcompact pistol? I bought one, and darned if I can figure it out, maybe magic.

I own the Glock 43. I’ve shot the Sig P365. The Springfield beats them both, handily, and that comes from a lifelong Glock fanboy.


photo credit – ballisticmag.com

The Hellcat is marginally larger than the Glock 43, but offers double the ammo capacity with their 13-round mag. Double.

Everyone thought Sig broke the mold with the P365. Tiny pistol, industry-leading capacity with a 10-round mag and enjoyed top honors for about a year. It’s a good carry piece. Springfield just out-engineered them. 

Review –

Trigger: Breaks at 5.5 pounds. A little crisper than a Glock in my opinion, but let’s be real here. If you want a great trigger, you shoot a 1911.

Sights: I like the U-notch rear sight. Initially, I was unsure about it, but it grew on me. Remember, with a pistol, you concentrate on the front sight… the Hellcat’s is tritium, so that’s good.

Accuracy: Shoots as tight as any Glock I own, again, this isn’t a target pistol.

Function: Always went “bang” when I pulled the trigger. No failures to feed or extract the cheap range ammo I’ve blasted through.

Build: Engineered in the USA… built in Croatia. It’s a solid shooter. Of note, the internals, especially the rails,  are beefier than most pistols. I don’t know if that’s especially important, but it’s one of the differentiators in yet another striker fired offering.

The only downside I had is the magazine, especially the 13-round mag, feels a little loose when seated in the magazine well. It doesn’t change accuracy. I don’t notice it when shooting, but it feels sloppy when otherwise handling.

The real question, do I recommend buying one? Well, let me put it this way. I’m selling my second Glock 19 and buying another Hellcat for my wife.

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