Many hunters dreaming of elk hunting think they have to go all the way to Colorado, Arizona, or New Mexico. This, however, is not only not necessary, but could mean these hunters end up having to settle for smaller elk. Choosing Missouri means a closer hunt in a comfortable lodge, but, most importantly, massive trophy bulls that make even the most experienced hunters proud. Getting the most of a hunt means planning ahead. Here is everything hunters should know about planning an elk hunt at Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch.

  • Each year hunters at the ranch harvest bull elk in the 400 to 500 inch range. These gorgeous animals make unbelievable trophies
  • They are a licensed big game hunting ranch that offers a full array of hunting experiences. Guided hunts are available for beginner hunters or those who prefer the help of a guide with years of experience and knowledge of the elks movements
  • The elk at the Oak Creek will provide memorable trophy elk hunts.Herds are permitted to move freely through the ranch and are nurtured with a high-nutrition diet that keeps them strong and healthy while promoting optimum growth
  • Hunters have the opportunity to choose the style of hunting that is right for their particular skill and experience level. Bow and rifle elk hunting trips are offered on specially-maintained private elk hunting land, creating a more fulfilling hunt and helping hunters feel safer and more secure than when hunting on public hunting land
  • To ensure the highest-quality experience for all of the hunters, only a limited number of hunts are allowed each season. Limiting the number of hunters introduced to the land throughout the season makes it much more likely for hunters to harvest a 500 class bull elk. Hunters are encouraged to plan their hunts early to ensure their spot for the season
  • The hunting throughout the entire preserve is strictly managed to ensure the health, strength, and sustainability of the elk. Hunters are permitted only to harvest fully grown, mature elk. In several seasons the smallest elk harvest have been 270 class
  • Unlike many elk hunting ranches, they provide a complete hunting experience for the hunter and the entire family. The Lodge offers exceptionally comfortable bed and breakfast-style accommodations in the gorgeous surroundings of the 1800 acre preserve. This allows for a refreshing night’s sleep before the hunt and a place to relax beside the fire after the hunt
  • While waiting for the perfect trophy elk, herds of gorgeous whitetail deer are also available to make the entire experience more thrilling. Meat processing and taxidermy services are available as add-ons for hunt packages to ensure hunters get to enjoy as much of their harvest as possible
  • Trips are fully customizable to ensure every hunter gets the type of hunting trip that is right for his or her skill and idea of the ideal hunt, whether that is bow hunting through the hardwoods or relaxing in a comfortable heated hut
  • The challenging terrain keeps the authentic adrenaline-pumping thrill of the hunt alive, allowing hunters to experience what it means to enjoy a true fair-chase hunt in a preserve atmosphere and encounter huge, wild animals in their true surroundings.

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