Hanging stands for the Big 10s at Oak Creek

August 12,2019

Hanging stands for the Big 10s at Oak Creek

Hanging stands at Oak Creek is done. Jesse and Marty are out on the ranch hanging stands to hunt the Big 10s we have been getting on the Reconyx trail cams at Oak Creek.

They take you through the whole process from start to finish.

Marty and Jesse were out today, setting up a stand in a location they had been seeing some good deer on the Reconyx trail cams. It is just off the west side of little ridge along a rock ledge that the bucks were using as a staging area before heading on out into the food plot. There is also a bedding area about 100 yards to the west of the new set up.

For this set up we are using a 16 foot ladder stand and a hang on for the guide or camera man. Is this how you set your stands up? How high do you normally have your stands. Our heights very a lot with the height of the canopy of the timber we are in at the moment, sometimes we are 12 feet, sometimes 20. Just depends on the location and the type of cover.

Check it out as they take you through setting up the stand and add some safety tips as well. If you have any questions, just let us know. We are always glad to help out any of our hunting friends.

Send us photos of your set up in the comments below. We love to see how other do things, and we might find something you are doing that will help us as well.

Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch is the premier whitetail hunting destination in the country. We rearrange the SCI Record Book year after year. You could be the next.

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