What is the best food plot I could plant? (Capitalize on Clover)

Ahh Spring! The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and everything is starting to bloom. While most hunters aren’t even thinking about deer season, you could be setting yourself up for success. This is the perfect time of year to begin your path to harvesting a nice buck this season by planning and preparing your food plots.

Almost every hunter that finds out what we do here at Oak Creek has the same question. “What is the best food plot I could plant?” This is a loaded question with an infinite amount of answers, but CLOVER is always my go to answer.

Clover is simply unmatched when it comes to food plot plants. Almost anywhere you can find whitetail deer, there is a species of clover that will grow there. Your local co-op can assist with that more than I can, but deer will consume pretty much any clover out there. It is extremely cost effective. Clover is one of the more simple plants to plant and also maintain because it requires little to no equipment and just a little sweat. Clover will grow year after year will reseed itself throughout the year to make a thicker more desirable plot. Deer will eat clover all throughout the year. They like it in the fall right after a few frosts just as much as they do in the spring when it is just popping up!

Whether you are creating a big buck paradise on a budget or just trying to expand on food sources in your area, consider clover as your food plot go to. By getting the process going in the spring you could capitalize on your clover and harvest that big buck you’ve had your eyes on.

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