It is our pleasure to welcome you to the new Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch Blog! We are one of the top rated whitetail hunting outfitters in the country. Oak Creek currently holds 33 of the Top 35 Typical SCI Midwestern Whitetails and 30 of the Top 35 Non-Typicals.

This blog has been coming for a while and now it is here. We will be keeping you up to speed on what is happening here at the ranch and sharing with you all the monster bucks we are seeing as the year progresses.

The young bucks that were off limits last season are already shed of their antlers and will


The guides estimated this young buck to be 36 inches wide inside. He scored 248+ inches. Should be a true Oak Creek giant next season.

be starting there new racks shortly, so don’t miss out as we chronicle the growth of these giant midwestern whitetails this spring and summer. Make sure to go to the Shed page and check out what we found on the two ranches.





IMG_7970We have gotten a lot of the spring cleaning done already with our spring burns, you can check out that story coming soon to the blog.