Ace The Blood Tracking Dog

Ace the Blood Tracking Dog found a whitetail deer shed. He is sitting posing with it.

Ace poses with a great shed find!

Things have slowed to a crawl for me here at the ranch.  Lots of laying around and watching it snow outside.  This is the time of year that I am really thankful I get to stay inside with the humans.  That cold north wind and snow really cuts through you.  I know show season is upon us. Donald and Angi will be leaving me again, soon.  I don’t understand why I can’t go see all the hunters.  I could sit by the fireplace in the booth and greet all the kids as they come by.  Heck, I am “Ace The Blood Tracking Dog” they should set up a book signing for me.  I would be a huge draw to the booth.

Staying in the Big City

On a positive note, I will get to go stay a couple weeks with Cody and Lauren at their new town home in the big city.  There are lots of things to smell and do there.  Lots of fancy ladies to smell, I’m not much on city girls but I have to admit they sure do smell good and those bows and painted toe nail……WHOOOF! 

Cody takes me to play fetch in the tennis courts.  Although the very first time I ever found that net while chasing the ball……man did that give me a headache! Someone should have told me about that thing.  It won’t be long and spring will be here.  Zach will be coming back home from school to work all summer, but then again I heard him talking to Donald about an internship (whatever that is) at some zoo like place taking care of Wolfs.  What the heck, I’m the only wolf he needs.  If that happens Tayler won’t be coming and snuggling with me.  We will get through these slow times soon and it will be back to tracking deer and making dreams come true.

Until then, watching it snow outside,

Signing out,

“Ace the Blood Tracking Dog”