Any opportunity to get out in the woods and hunt is a good opportunity and should be seized. But let’s face it: hunting trips are not all created equal. While we relish every opportunity to be out there, we all long for that one magical moment when we get the opportunity of a lifetime to look through the sights at a truly magnificent buck. After all, that’s what trophy whitetail deer hunting is all about, bagging and tagging that buck of a lifetime.

The best whitetail deer hunting trips are the ones that end with a trophy you can be proud of on your wall. Those who consistently shoot big bucks will tell you there’s a lot more than luck that goes into the best whitetail deer hunting trips. Successful trophy whitetail deer hunting takes time and preparation. A number of other factors play in, some of which you can control, and some of which you can’t.

The most important factor to successful trophy whitetail hunting is one which many hunters don’t give nearly enough attention: Location. This can’t be stressed enough. If you’re going to successfully hunt trophy whitetails, you need to be set up where the big bucks are.

That’s easier said than done, of course. Very few of us enjoy the luxury of being able to devote as much time to our passion for hunting as we’d like to. Commitments at home and the job prevent us from being able to really devote ourselves to patterning bucks. We do what we can, but all too often it isn’t enough. So, how do we find the perfect location for the best whitetail deer hunting trips?

If you’re like most hunters, you spend days, even weeks scouting out a location. You might even glass an area where you saw a trophy buck last season. Unfortunately, spending all that time scouting rarely pays off quite like we’d like it to.

The best whitetail deer hunting trips start by finding an experienced outfitter and guide who knows where the big bucks are. For most of us, our best chance for real trophy whitetail deer hunting involves investing in the opportunity to hunt on a game ranch.

There’s simply no comparison to hunting with professionals who know whitetail deer inside and out and who can help set you up for that once in a lifetime shot at a monster buck.

You can spend lots of time and money on scouting trips and equipment trying to find the right location or you can trust an outfitter who already knows where the best locations are and who has an extensive track record of leading the best whitetail deer hunting trips. If your goal is a world class whitetail buck, which do you think gives you a better chance of success?

As trophy whitetail deer hunting locations go, there’s none better than Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch. Located in Missouri, in the heartland of America, Oak Creek has produced more record book quality whitetail than any other location in the world. Run by Donald Hill, an experienced hunter and guide who lives, eats, breathes and sleeps whitetail deer 24/7, Oak Creek provides the best whitetail deer hunting trips anywhere.