Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch is proud to hold the records for 33 of the top 35 whitetail deer! So, they know a thing or two about what to include in your Whitetail Backpack. Our September blog is tips about what to pack.


  1. Flashlight – If you got up on time and are headed to the woods before daylight, a flashlight is a must-have. We suggest a flashlight with an integrated Blood Light for when you shoot your Whitetail close to sunset.
  2. Binoculars – Deer can hide in plain sight in fields and a pair of good binoculars can give you the advantage you need.
  3. Gloves – Unless you’re hunting in warm weather, a pair of gloves is something to keep in your backpack.
  4. Rangefinder – A rangefinder can tell you know exactly how far away your shooting lanes are.
  5. Haul Ropes and Tarps – Grab the antlers or tie a short rope around its neck to pull the deer. Its legs will fold naturally backward to let you pull your deer past saplings or trees. Bring a ski-rope handle since ropes are slippery or difficult to hold. You can also wrap your deer in a tarp like a burrito.
  6. Rain Cover – A waterproof outer layer, a poncho, or a standing umbrella can come to the rescue if bad weather hits.
  7. Water Bladder – Most well-made backpacks will have a built-in water bladder, or you can fit your own rather than using a noisy plastic bottle.
  8. Skinning Fixed Blade Knife – After your successful hunt, you will need a high-quality knife.
  9. Mobile Battery Pack – Reporting your harvest or texting your hunting companion about lunch is important. There is also the safety factor of being able to communicate with your hunting party or the police in case of an emergency.
  10. Grunt Call – A grunt call can be a difference maker in attracting deer from a distance to your position.
  11. First Aid Kit – A lightweight kit with a few medical treatment options will do the trick.

Nice to Have

  1. Tree Hanger -A gear hanger is great for stowing your backpack during an all-day stand.
  2. Folding Saw – To get through a larger tree or the back end of a whitetail.
  3. Ozone Generator – A new technology that releases ozone to cover your scent and nearby areas.
  4. Hand Warmers – Hand warmers for hunting in the cold weather can be a welcome addition to your backpack.
  5. Lighter/Matches – A reliable fire starter will come in handy.
  6. Shooting Sticks – No matter how accurate you are when shooting, a solid rest will always help you be more accurate.
  7. Face Mask – Wind chills come out of nowhere when on a hunt, especially when hunting from a tree stand. A camouflage face mask is a great addition.

Stay safe, warm, and prepared this deer hunting season with all the items you need to have the best hunting experience possible. For more information on preparing to hunt whitetail deer visit our website at https://oakcreekwhitetailranch.com/.