The Father/Son Dynamic Duo

Picture this; It’s the rut at Oak Creek and bucks are chasing does feverishly around all corners of the property. A father/son dynamic duo eagerly arrives at the front gates ready to be amongst the madness. With two tags in their pockets, they knew the next three days would be beautiful chaos.

The weather was less than ideal with flooding to the point their guide needed to use an alternate access. That was no deterrent. They slipped into the blind on day one with high hopes of copious amounts of deer movement. That simply was not the case. One encounter with a cull buck named Leroy and dropping confidence is all that hunt produced for the two hunters, though the guide was still calm cool and collected with the closing of day one.

Day Two:

Day two had to be better. Conditions were still not ideal, but the day was bound to produce some incredible encounters, right? Oak Creek lived up to its name of big bucks being plentiful. The trio made stalks on multiple shooter bucks without having the perfect opportunity. However, the father had spotted his dream buck. The afternoon of day two was spent chasing that buck with no success.

Day Three:

Day three was exciting from the start. The trio had made the perfect stalk on the fathers dream buck and were able to get in front of him and harvest him at a mere 20 yards. One tag filled, but one more to go. The father opted to go back and stay at the lodge, as the son and his guide headed out to find “Batman” a buck who’s horns had the distinct shape of Batman’s bat logo.

The two walked for what seemed like miles, but they were moving so slowly it couldn’t have been more than a hundred yards into “the bat cave,” the area where the guide had been getting pictures of the buck bedding. Sure enough Batman was there and bedded in a great position for a stalk. The pair was able to close the distance to about 80 yards and the hunter set up on the bog pod shooting sticks. After a short wait, the buck stood up turned broad side and the hunter was able to make a great shot.

This father/son dynamic duo were able to fill the bed of the truck with two giant beautiful typical whitetail bucks. It was a hunt they will not forget and they plan on returning for another one!

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