Giant Missouri buck through the guide’s binoculars on the way back to the lodge on the second morning. The wind swirled and he was gone.

Season has started at Oak Creek and the guys had a hard time hunting the first day due to uncooperative weather and wily deer. We had a rain set in that lasted the whole day, and brought in a cool front that had the deer laid up.

The second day started out with some pretty heavy fog and a light mist. The deer were moving a little better and the hunters saw multiple bucks, but could not close the deal. As they were coming out this morning they saw a giant, but he spooked as the wind swirled during their stalk.

The evening of the second day proved to be perfect. There was great weather and the deer came out early to the food plots.

A young hunter from Texas, who was after his first buck, was the first to take a buck this season at Oak Creek. It was a beautiful typical, scoring 211 2/8″. You can check out some video of it on our Facebook page.


If you have ever thought about hunting a whitetail in velvet, this is the year. There are a couple of spots left during our very limited velvet season at Oak Creek. Click here to see the bucks harvested during the 2015 season, will you be on this season’s list.

No matter what kind of deer is your favorite, wide, tall, typical, drop tines, non-typical, your dream deer is going to be at Oak Creek this season.  Our season started, August 15th with our limited velvet hunts and goes until the end of December. For more information on the deer or your hunt of a lifetime, give us a call anytime @ 573-943-6644