Six Hour Buck

Dave and I headed out to the stand on a cool November morning. We were headed to sit in a MB Ranch King Tower stand overlooking a large field with soy beans on one half, and CRP on the other. Not long after we got settled in, deer started funneling into the field. It was windy and cold. A big cold front was coming in with snow and sleet on the way.

The Wait Begins

www.oakcreekwhitetailranch.comWe hadn’t been in the stand for longer than an hour when I looked up and told Dave a good buck was headed our way. As Dave got set up to shoot it looked like it was going to play out perfect. This buck came into about 80 yards, but then just disappeared.

Dave was wondering where he had gone. I told him that the buck was just bedded in the thick CRP and we just had to wait him out. We first saw him at around 8am when he first bedded down and sat until 2pm waiting on this buck to present us with a shot. In six hours, this buck stood up to stretch just twice and never gave us a good shot. The third time he headed towards the beans. Dave got lined up with his muzzleloader and put the hammer down on him dropping him in his tracks. It was hard to stay locked in for six hours, but his patients paid off.

The feeling of walking up to that monster buck, was something neither of us will forget. Dave and I did not know each other very well before this hunt, but by the end we were friends that will remember this experience forever. Sharing the outdoors with friends and family to make memories that will last a lifetime is what hunting is all about.


Dave and I(Jesse) saw this buck at 8am bed down in the CRP. They waited for this buck to stand up and present them with a shot for 6 hours. The buck finally made his way to a bean field and presented us with a perfect shot. He put the hammer on him and dropped him in his tracks.

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