Shooting with the Fairer Sex


I’ve trained a bunch of shooters. Fellas who went on to do great things in Afghanistan. That never prepared me for teaching my wife how to shoot combat pistol and rifle.

The Stance

First, most women have a lower center of gravity than men. The propensity for ladies to stick their hips toward the target baffles me. But, it is a natural stance. How does one fight nature and win? Carefully.

Look at the “athletic stance.” Chest out, knees flexed, rear end up. Unless you’re working with a softball or volleyball player, this is foreign to many new female shooters.

If one has a more “permissive” relationship with the shooter (I’m married to my student, so it’s pretty open), show them how to rotate hips up, hands and chest high with good posture. If not in such a relationship, please demonstrate well… no unnecessary touching needed.

CCW Class

Second, don’t be ashamed when, with a little coaching, the ladies outshoot you. I took my wife to a concealed carry class in which we had to shoot for our certification. A bunch of guys had egos and expensive handguns. My lady shot a standard Glock, and she dusted them all off.

Out of 40 people on the range that day, she dominated everyone but me and a retired FBI agent who taught pistol at Quantico for 10 years. A bunch of boys got a dose of humility that day. The FBI agent said he could get her hired on to work for Uncle Sam tomorrow. Polite pass.

Range Days

Third, have fun with range days in the future. Enjoy the time. You can watch/coach each other, and another set of eyes will grow your capabilities. Have fun… and you’ll end up learning more from teaching from a different mindset that you would ever learn from burning rounds all on your own.

Each year, we have many ladies join us for great hunts in the whitetail woods. You could join us this next season. Send a message or give us a call, 573-943-6644 for more information. You can also check out our website here!