If you listen to enough hunters, you’re bound to hear one of them say something akin to, “Real hunters don’t go on guided hunts at hunting preserves.” If you do, make sure you ask him how big his last buck was and what his success rate is for trophy whitetail hunting.

Most hunters, have a limited amount of time to actually go hunting. It would be a truly wonderful world if we could all be trophy whitetail deer hunting 24/7, but life just isn’t that way for most of us. Most hunters have jobs, families to support, and a hundred other commitments. We have to squeeze trophy whitetail hunting in where we can.

Unfortunately, that means most of us don’t have the time to really pattern monster whitetail bucks the way we would like to, much less manage hunting property the way it needs to be managed in order to provide the right nutrition for bucks to grow into true trophies. Many of us don’t even own our own hunting land, relying instead on state or leased property. If you’re a casual hunter who will be happy with a doe and a four point year after year, there’s nothing wrong with that. If you’re serious about trophy whitetail hunting, though, you want to be where the trophy whitetails live.

Hunting on a preserve can be just as challenging as hunting trophy whitetail on leased or public property, IF you are hunting on the right preserve. Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch offers trophy whitetail hunts in challenging terrains, with professional guides. If you have never had the experience of hunting true trophy whitetail deer, isn’t it time to treat yourself to the experience of a lifetime?

Our approach to management for trophy whitetail bucks includes food plots which promote deer and antler growth, so there simply are more big bucks there to begin with. Secondour professional guides do much of the scouting and patterning for you, so you start out with a good idea of where the best bucks can be seen. Other than that, trophy whitetail deer hunting is the same as it always is. You still need to stay calm, you still need to stay hidden and quiet, you still need to do all of the things that normally lead to successful trophy whitetail hunting. The only thing that changes, really, is that you’re giving yourself an honest chance by hunting where the big bucks actually are.

Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch offers a number of trophy hunts, including Midwest whitetail deer hunting. Our professional guides are all experienced hunters who can help you find and harvest true trophy Missouri whitetails. You’ll enjoy the best accommodations while trophy whitetail hunting in the beautiful Missouri Ozarks at Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch.