Is That A Typical Whitetail Deer?

This week on, “On the Ranch”, Donald talks about what a non-typical whitetail deer and typical whitetail deer is. He also shares the difference between a typical and non-typical tine.

Oak Creek currently holds 33 of the top 35 SCI typical whitetail deer and 30 of the top 35 SCI Non-Typical whitetail deer in the midwestern categories of the SCI Record Books.  We work hard to keep those records and the only way we do it is by very strict management practices.

Donald goes over the different scoring systems and tells the difference in each. Some examples would be the difference with Boone and Crocket deducting inches off tines if one side is shorter. In SCI Record Books and Buckmasters scoring system the buck gets credit for the inches that he grows.

How to score your buck

Are you wondering whether that inside or outside point counts as a typical point on your whitetail buck? Donald answers that question as well and shows you exactly what he is talking about by demonstrating on one of the mounts in the great room.

If you have any more questions about scoring your monster whitetail buck, just send us a message. We would be happy to help you.

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