For many families (quite possibly yours) hunting is a family tradition. Hunting skills, knowledge, and wisdom are passed from generation to generation as a cherished rite of passage. A youngster’s first hunt is a family celebration.

Unfortunately, the number of hunters is declining in the United States with only about 70 hunters recruited for every 100 lost. Let’s look at some of the many good reasons to pass on the tradition of hunting to the next generation.

Love of Nature

Although non-hunters may not realize it, hunting instills a love of the outdoors and an appreciation and respect for nature. It helps connect kids to the land and its inhabitants, learn about the flora and fauna surrounding them, and make the connection between animals and food. Kids learn about the balance of nature and the concept of taking only what they need so that game will be available in the future.


A hunter will never go hungry. Teaching kids to hunt is the gift of ensuring that they will always be able to feed themselves, no matter the circumstances. In addition, harvested meat is less expensive, and free of preservatives, hormones, and antibiotics. It’s healthy food as nature intended.

Bonding Time

Sharing a hunting excursion is a bonding experience like no other. In today’s world, it’s one of the rare times you’ll be able to spend with your child minus the distractions of smartphones, iPods, and TV. It’s a perfect way to build shared memories that last a lifetime.

Life Skills

Hunting teaches character-building life skills such as patience, self-discipline, self-control, respect, responsibility, the value of teamwork, and good sportsmanship. One of the most important lessons a young hunter will learn is how to accept disappointment, move on, and try again.

Health and Fitness

Just one hunting trip will show kids the importance of being physically fit, and at the same time, teach them that hunting is great outdoor exercise. There are miles to walk through brush and up mountains. Sometimes there’s a tree to climb. There may be large game to drag out with a rope, requiring both muscle and stamina. And for kids as well as adults, spending quality time in nature is a good way to reduce stress and anxiety


It may surprise you to learn that, according to national statistics, hunting is one of the safest forms of outdoor recreation. Supervised youngsters are among the safest hunters in the woods.

To Sum Up

Teaching your kids to hunt instills in them practical and character-building life skills. It provides the opportunity to spend quality time with your offspring in a healthy outdoor environment, and creates a wealth of lasting memories. Teaching kids to hunt is a time-honored and rewarding experience rooted in family tradition.