JM 426web.jpgThe first month of season has came and went and at Oak Creek, we are having one of our best years ever. We started hard horn hunting on September 15. Both ranches are well above the average for the year and we are seeing some beautiful deer coming in.

On the main ranch, we have seen the pending #6 Non-Typical Midwestern Whitetail harvested, 426”, and another 6 over 300”. The average here is 263 6/8”. It seems everyday we see another record book buck come in off the main ranch. To see the record book bucks of Oak Creek, Click Here!

jontuggle5x7webOak Creek 2 has had one deer over 300” and five more over the 200” mark. That bring OC2 to four bucks over 300” and 27 bucks over 200” in the last two years. The average for the first month of hunting is 210 5/8” on Oak Creek 2.

The 300″ buck was very unique as it was growing two extra antlers on the right side. One right above the eye and another between the main antler and the eye.

Would you like to extend your season? There are a limited number of spots available on both ranches, and also a few elk and sika hunts available.  Call now to get information on these great hunts, 573-943-6644, or go to our website,