By Ace the Deer Dog. The humans think they run things around here, but, as we all know, this is my ranch.

It’s raining baby deer here at the ranch! I don’t know where they’re all coming from. It’s like magic. Poof, they’re all over the place.

www.oakcreekwhitetailranch.comThe real trouble with all the baby deer is that Jacob is trying to mow all the tall grass right now. I’m pretty sure he is keeping an eye out for them, but he’s pretty easily distracted when he tries to multitask in the tractor (opening Moonpies, spilling Mountain Dew on his lap, swiping left and right on his phone all the time… whatever that is).

Jacob is also learning how to run the grader and smooth the roads around the ranch. I usually don’t give him much credit as he aggravates me… but it’s nice to ride in the truck and not bounce around like a trailer park in a tornado.

Huntley and I are getting along. We team up for naps and practice chasing critters. Yesterday Donald ruined all the fun for us though. We jumped a deer that was laying in a cool spot. Donald wouldn’t let us chase it. Said we’d never catch him. Killjoy.

Speaking of killing things. All the boys did well this turkey season and got their birds… even Donald. I was pretty sure he just liked to talk about turkey hunting, but he and his buddy both got one. Now that all the turkey foolishness is over, maybe they can get some work done. I’ve put in a requisition for a bigger doghouse. Until then, Huntley and I will just continue to claim Donald’s favorite recliner.

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