You’re not really a hunter if you haven’t dreamed about tagging a record class buck. We all want a truly memorable trophy to hang on our mantles. If you, like many, have decided to bite the bullet and look into guided whitetail deer hunts to finally get that buck of a lifetime, congratulations. You’ve taken the first step towards actually harvesting your trophy. The next step, however, is the critical one: choosing which whitetail deer hunting outfitters to work with.

There are all kinds of folks advertising themselves as whitetail deer hunting outfitters. Some are definitely better than others. So, how do you tell which whitetail deer hunting outfitters can take you on the guided whitetail deer hunts of your dreams, and which ones are just a lot of talk (and we know ALL hunters are full of talk)?

No matter which whitetail deer hunting outfitters you choose, there’s no guarantee you’ll have a successful hunt and harvest a world class buck. A lot of having a successful hunt is up to you. After all, you ultimately have to take the shot. Still, the right whitetail deer hunting outfitters can go a long ways towards getting you that shot. Here are some things you should look for if you’re looking for the best whitetail deer hunting outfitters:

  • Experience. How long have they been hunting? How long have they been guiding others successfully?
  • Referrals. Be careful on this. Anyone can give you their cousins’ names and phone numbers. When you call referrals, ask questions. This will help you root out the best whitetail deer hunting outfitters.
  • Track record. How well are the whitetail deer hunting outfitters represented in the record books? How many Pope & Young or Boone & Crocket deer have they helped hunters like you harvest? Do they have any actual world class deer they’ve guided hunters to harvest?
  • Deer management. Ask about their feeding and deer management programs. The best bucks get their big racks because of what they’ve been eating. Optimal foliage for huge bucks doesn’t just occur naturally. It needs a little help, and the best whitetail deer hunting outfitters have aggressive feed plot management practices.

Guided whitetail deer hunts are once in a lifetime opportunities for some. Even for those are able to go every year, it makes sense to take the time to find the best whitetail deer hunting outfitters you can before you lay down your money. Take your time and look into their claims. See what their previous results were. You only have so much time and money to hunt. If you want a trophy whitetail, choose whitetail deer hunting outfitters that have proven they can help you get a shot at one.

Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch in Missouri offers the opportunity to hunt world class bucks. Our team of experienced guides are all hunters with many years of experience. Our managed game ranch produces many of the world’s biggest bucks, and we are well represented in the record books. Contact us today, and let us show you how we can help you set up the guided whitetail deer hunts of your dreams.

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