IMG_9817.jpgHere at Oak Creek, we are always working to upgrade or enhance the habitat on the ranches. Each year we plant food plots, do prescribed burns, clear brush and all sorts of other things on a daily basis.

IMG_1366.jpgEarlier in the year we planted our Vita Rack Clover from Hunter’s Specialties. It is growing like crazy now. Now we are working to get our next set of food plots in. Just like the farmers, we get our seed beds ready. That helps with good seed germination and better food plots.


With all the rain, we have had this spring, there are miles of roads that need fixed and wash outs that have to be filled to be ready when season starts here in August.

IMG_1397.jpgWhat are you doing to get your area ready for the upcoming season? Are you planting your food plots yet? Have you seen any good bucks, yet? Let us see what you are doing in the comments below. We would love to see what everyone is doing this year.