What Hunting Blinds Do You Use?

What kind of hunting blinds do you use to help harvest your whitetail buck each year. Do you have a favorite?

At Oak Creek we use several different kinds of stands to help in your hunt of a lifetime, depending on how you want to hunt. If you are hunting with a rifle you have more choices, than if you are hunting with a bow.

MB Ranch King

A majority of our hunters use the MB Ranch King Tower Stands. These stands are a very high quality. They have carpet and are insulated to deaden sound and to better control the temperature inside the stand. We have these set up in most of the major food plots.

Another type of tower stand we use are the older style stands. These are also insulated, but the windows are a little noisier, so these are placed where the shots are a little bit longer. This is to keep from scaring the deer with the sliding windows.

When we have a handicapped, children or anyone who does not like to climb we have the MB Ranch King trailer stand. This is basically the same stand as the tower stand, but with a larger door and mounted to a trailer. These stands are really nice because they can be moved very quickly and leveled almost anywhere.

For the bowhunters, we have double ladder stands. With our bow sets, we use a double ladder stand and a lock on above for the guide. This has worked out really well for us in the past, harvesting the archery world record midwestern typical whitetail buck out of one of these set and many other of the top world record whitetail deer. 

The hunters also have the opportunity to try out our Nature Blinds Stump Stands. These blinds are great for any weather and type of hunt. They are very well insulated to protect against the cold and heat. They also have the quietest window system and can be used for bowhunting as well.

Also during the rut, they will bring out the pop up blinds. We set them up in the timber and rattle in some of the largest whitetail buck in the country.

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