Oak Creek Update July

By Ace the Deer Dog. The humans think they run things around here, but, as we all know, this is my ranch.

Sweet Milk Bones it’s hot!

Donald and Angi abandoned me again. So it is as good as time as any for an Oak Creek Update July. They went to the beach and didn’t take Huntleigh or me. I know they took all their kids, but there WAS room in the truck.

Donald keeps sending back pictures of the family swimming, laying on the beach and eating water boogers… I think they call them “oysters.” They look slimy and gross, but I eat poop and sniff butts, so I’m down for anything.

Huntley and I spend most of the day napping. She is now the size of a small horse. I don’t like being the “little guy” now. She takes my bed, my chair, my sunny spot in the living room. It’s a good thing I’m such a nice guy.

Since the family has been gone, I’ve been hanging out with Katie and Madi. They’re good people. Plenty of good ear scratchies and treats that Donald will never know about. Good girls!

Jacob continues to be a problem child. Yesterday he said he “may be driving the tractor in nothing but his tighty-whities if it gets any hotter.” If that doesn’t put you off your kibble then I don’t know what will!

The bucks are all growing great this year. So many antlers! I look forward to chasing them! They spend most of their time eating. Always eating. Donald said I’m not allowed to do that. Said I would turn into a fatty. Rude!

Make sure you look at all the pictures the humans are posting on the inter-web thingy. Fall can’t get here fast enough so we can chase deer together.


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