Oak Creek Ram Slam

The first exotic hunt I ever went on was for a New Zealand mountain goat.

It sucked.

The hunt came at a bargain basement price and I got exactly what I paid for.

The property I hunted was grazed down to rock. The guide was a kid with almost no experience and the communication skills of a guinea pig. Lodging and meals were almostnon-existent.

All of these memories came flooding back to me when I saw that Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch was offering a ram hunt.

Oak Creek Ram Slamwww.oakcreekwhitetailranch.com

Unlike the hunt that I took all those years ago, Oak Creek is offering a top of the line experience. They are offering the Oak Creek Ram Slam, a hunt for six rams – Mouflon, Black Hawaiian, Corsican, Texas Dall, Rambo, and New Zealand Mountain Goat – for just under nine grand. This new for 2020 hunt includes three days and four nights at Oak Creek’s premier lodge, all chef-prepared meals, guiding, and more. 

“We came up with the idea for the hunt a few months back,” Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch owner Donald Hill explains. “A lot of exotic hunts we’ve seen are pretty low end. We wanted to offer a great ram hunt that you can only get at Oak Creek. We strive for the best experience you can have, while hunting some of the biggest rams.”

It’s like he knows my history!

For more information on these hunts or our premier whitetail hunts, give us a call today. 573-943-6644

You can also find more information about the ranch and the hunts we offer at www.oakcreekwhitetailranch.com or any of our social media sites.