The season has begun and the monster bucks have really started moving now that they most are done shedding their velvet. We are getting more shots of them out of sanctuary areas.

pict5209We also finally caught a shot of a big palmated buck on the cams this week. We had seen him a couple of times this summer but had never seen him on the cams.

PICT5070.jpgIf you are looking for drop tines, this buck would make your dreams come true. He has two on the right side and one on the left, plus good width and tine length.

The weather this summer has been perfect for growing huge racks. There has been enough rain to keep the food plots growing good all summer and the heat has not been too high, with only a couple of days near 100 degrees.

The Hunter’s Specialties Vita Rack Clover has been knee high and lush green all summer. It has kept the deer looking slick all summer long. To show the effectiveness of the food plots this summer, in this last set of photos the cameras averaged over 1000 shots in a three day period.

An addition to the Monster Buck Tracker this week is one of the Monster Bulls on the Ranch. We are estimating him at over 370″, with a unique non-typical point at his base.

No matter what kind of deer is your favorite, wide, tall, typical, drop tines, non-typical, your dream deer is going to be at Oak Creek this season.  Our season started September 15th and goes until the end of December. For more information on the deer or your hunt of a lifetime, give us a call anytime @ 573-943-6644 or email us at

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