The rut in central Missouri has started and the giant whitetail bucks at Oak Creek are hitting it hard. They are chasing the does non-stop right now.


In the latest Buck Tracker, we have been catching some big deer that have finally come out of the thick timber and are cruising the food plots. Both ranches have seen multiple bucks for the first time on camera. Click the link to see more trail cam photos from this season.

Click here to see more Main Ranch Trail Cam photos and here to see photos from Oak Creek 2.


Oak Creek 2 Trail Cam

The Hunter’s Specialties Vita Rack Clover food plots are still going good and the does are spending most of their time there. This is proved to be great for the hunters as they are seeing multiple bucks on every sit.

Hunter’s Specialties Vita Rack Clover


Would you like to extend your season? There are a limited number of spots available on both ranches, and also a few elk and sika hunts available.  Call now to get information on these great hunts, 573-943-6644, or go to our website,