For the latest version of the buck tracker, we went out most of the day and actively looked for deer. In the earlier versions, I have been taking the photos while doing other work on the ranch.

422i.jpgThe extra time really paid off as we saw many bucks on the preserve. Most of the bucks were still young bucks, but we did see a couple of more mature deer early this morning. They bucks are starting to shed their winter hair after a crazy spring with temperatures fluctuating greatly in the last couple of months.

422d.jpgWe saw nine different young bucks that we were able to get photos of and two bucks that will more than likely be on the hit list this season. Many of them had already started their browtines and a couple were pushing out towards the tips of their ears.

As the Vita Rack Clover continues to grow, we should be able to get more and more photos of the bucks. Over half of these deer were in the clover or right at the edge.

After seeing the extra growth these bucks have over the ones we saw just last week, we can’t wait to get back out there next week to bring you the next installment of the Oak Creek Buck Tracker.