Listen to your Guide He knows best

Listen to the guide he knows best. Look, if you have the money to spend on a guided hunt, why not listen to the guide? 

On a pronghorn antelope hunt in Wyoming, I had a 19-year-old guide. The kid was clutch.

“Hey, there’s a good goat in that group. Why don’t we do a rolling stop where I slow down a little in the truck, you hop out and bed down. Just wait for the big boy to get to where you can shoot him.”

This was after a couple of very unsuccessful stalks across the prairie.

“Sure, I’ll try it,” I replied.

Heck, nothing else had worked, and I’d seen the technique used hunting oryx in New Mexico.

The young man drove right past the speed goats. I hopped out, moved into a good spot, and waited. Sure enough, the pronghorn were not spooked. They kept grazing. I waited forever for them to move. Probably 20 minutes. The biggest goat in the group finally crested ridge and stopped broadside. One shot at 350 yards dropped him in his tracks.

That was the first day of a three-day hunt. The teenager and I spent the next two days waxing coyotes on the Wyoming prairie with a rabbit in distress call. A good time was had by all.

Chances are, if you are paying for a hunt in an area, you don’t know the landscape half as well as the guide who spends most of his life there; the animals, the terrain, what it takes to connect with the trophy you’re looking for.

Leave your house with a deflated ego, you’ll return with a much higher one. The guide knows better than you. 

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