Lew Scores on Big 190″ Buck

Lisa and I wanted to thank everyone from Oak Creek for their hospitality, expertise, and the amazing food prepared by Dustin. It was without question the best hunting experience I have ever had in my 55 years of hunting in various places – including some very remote areas. Cody, Jessie, and Kyle were professional, helpful, and cordial, even though they were not our assigned guides. Special thanks to Mark, our guide, for his professionalism, enthusiasm, skill, and the tireless personal attention he showed us. In addition, I have never seen truly monster bucks like the world class deer we saw at Oak Creek. A very special thanks to Donald and Angie for spending time with our group, which I might add, was one of the best group of sportsmen I have ever had the privilege to hunt with. Donald always took the time to answer our questions, and even explained his process for breeding and caring for the deer on his ranch. An amazing operation second to none that I have ever witnessed. Bottom line, everything at the Oak Creek Ranch is a first-class operation meticulously overseen by Donald, his wife and their amazing staff. They all ride for the Oak Creek Brand as do we.

The count-down for next year’s trip started the day after we returned from Oak Creek, so it’s 344 days and counting. Bet you thought I was kidding about the count-down! What else can be said? We will be back, and we look forward to seeing all the folks at Oak Creek, part of our group that booked with us next year and all the new friends we will encounter next year. By the way Donald, Lisa said you need to get a fluffy cat for next year so she can do some serious grooming!!


Thank you for the kind words Lew, we can’t wait until your next visit!