Are you stuck at home due to the coronavirus? At this moment, the best thing you can do is to do nothing – stay home, avoid contact with others, and wait for the virus to wane. If you’re a dedicated whitetail deer hunter you can take advantage of the enforced idleness to become a better deer hunter. No – home target practice is definitely not recommended, but the internet can be your portal to information that can make your next deer hunt more successful. Listed below are some starting links. Let your interest guide you from these to the full range of information available. Keep a notebook of the valuable information as you find it so that next season, you’ll be a more informed and better equipped hunter.

Information: When you hunt whitetail deer you are matching wits with the instincts of eons of self-protective behaviors for deer. Their extraordinary senses of hearing and smell and deeply ingrained fear of humans are your challenges. The more you know about deer, the better able you’ll be to track them successfully. Here are some links to informative pages:

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Gear: While your brain is the best gear you can take on a deer hunt, your success depends in large measure on your equipment. Do your online homework for the best gear for every aspect of your hunt. The list on the internet is endless:

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Location: Almost every area of the country offers hunting opportunities, some areas are favorites.

Ten States for Great Whitetailed Deer Hunting

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