What do you do with your hunt? If you only take the meat from it and throw away all the rest of the animal, you’re wasting valuable material. While the antlers, hide, bones, and fat are often overlooked, they can provide a number of uses. Learn how to use every part of your hunt:  


Antlers are great for making tools like silverware, flutes, and knife handles. Those who enjoy carving will find antlers extremely versatile to work with. Here are some examples of amazing antler carvings that will turn heads. From buttons to rustic chandeliers, you can use antlers to create many unique items, so don’t waste them!


Many people consider the hide one of the most valuable parts of a hunt. You can skin and tan the hide to use it for decoration. Hides are useful for making rugs, bags, and clothing. The more delicate and thin the skin, the harder it is to use. However, if you have exceptional skinning skills, you’ll be rewarded for your hard work.


You can use the bones of your hunt to make jewelry or tools that work as well as their metal counterparts. Examples of things you can create with bones are needles, fish hooks, and arrowheads. Bones can add flavor to your meals, too! Did you know they make delicious soup stock? You can also eat bone marrow, which is very nutritious and immensely appreciated in some cuisines.


Did you know that fat can be rendered into lard, and made into soap? The same applies to fat from your hunt. Want to impress your friends? Present them with soap from elk or whitetail deer. There are many other applications for animal fat, especially in the kitchen.

Whether you’re an experienced hunter or a beginner, you can be part of the tradition! At Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch, we offer many hunt options with abundant and sustainable trophy wildlife. With 1,500 acres in the rolling hills of Missouri, we can provide you with a challenging hunting environment. Contact us through our website or by calling (573) 943-6644 to plan your next hunt.