Care of your whitetail deer

In the latest episode of On The Ranch with Oak Creek we talked about how to take care of your whitetail deer in the breeder pens.  These deer are not huntable deer. While Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch is mainly a whitetail deer hunting ranch we do also have a breeding operation that we sell deer to other operations.

Once the deer go out into the preserve we can’t really do anything with them, but we are able to work on the deer in the breeding operation. During the course of the year on any ranch, there are times when you have to take care of your whitetail deer that are sick. This can be a number of different things from an infection to breaking off a point in velvet.

Nick taking care of a whitetail deer

Nick is treating this fawn for an infection in his jaw.

In this week’s episode, we have several examples of some sick fawns and grown deer that we treat.  We dart a doe that had a couple of still borns. A buck broke an antler and we didn’t want it to get infected. Nick and the guys show how we fixed all of this.

How we catch the whitetail fawns is pretty funny some times. When we break out the butterfly nets and go catch them, it can get crazy.

On The Ranch

If you want to take a look at last weeks episode 10 of On The Ranch, you can watch it by clicking on the link below.

On the Ranch at Oak Creek

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