Building the fence

To be able to raise the best whitetail deer in the country, you have to have a good deer fence. This week, Nick and the guys are putting up a new section of fence. We show you what it takes to get it done.

In the beginning, we put in all of the corners, gate and brace posts. This is the backbone of the fence. It gives it all of its’ strength. During the video, you will see Nick welding the brace supports at one of the gates in the new stretch.

Then from the use of the genie to unroll the smooth wire to driving of the posts, all the work and hours that go into the deer fence process can be seen in the latest episode of On The Ranch.

You will especially want to see the driving of the posts. Nick is using a new to us device that is like a weed eater motor with a jack hammer attached to it. A very cool machine.

Also Jacob, shows us how to lay a waterline using the skid steer. Then he tells you all about the waterers we use on the ranch and why we use these.

On the Ranch, Episode 16, can be seen by clicking the link below. Let us know in the comments what you think about it.

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On The Ranch

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Oak Creek Bone Cam

We are also coming to a close on the Bone Cam for the year. The bucks are starting to shed their velvet and should be done in the next week or so. Make sure to check out the latest episodes with the link below.

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