Visiting a whitetail deer hunting ranch can be an exhilarating experience for novices and the most avid of hunters. Scattered through out the US, you will find hundreds and sometimes thousands of acres of rocky terrain, rolling hills, stands of pines, forests of oaks, meadows, and babbling brooks and streams. Whitetail deer are on of the most pursued big game animals in the world today.

Sheltered amongst this captivating environment are whitetail deer that can reach sizes of epic proportions. Over 11 million hunters do their best each year to take down a whitetail buck that will find its place in the SCI record books. These hunters spend a great deal of time and money taking part in the sport of hunting. Hunters and hunting has become the top means of conservation. Time, funding and game management provided by hunters are the reason that the whitetail deer population has recovered from almost becoming a threatened species in the United States.

Guided whitetail hunts are a very popular and potentially successful way to enjoy your annual hunting trip and the experience will always be one to remember. Well trained, highly knowledgeable guides who are intimate with their respective territories can assist in leading you to the mother lode of whitetail trophy bucks. This doesn’t mean the task is easy, rather you will find that the pursuit of your prize is challenging and self-satisfying. Professional guides can sometimes be the difference between no success and bagging a trophy whitetail deer.

Many deer hunting choices are available all over the US. One of the most popular destinations is Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch, located in the Missouri Ozarks. Here, stunning, breathtaking scenery abounds while chasing the Missouri whitetail deer. There are many different packages available depending on the desired length of your stay and your trophy preference. Any number of Missouri whitetail trophy bucks may be found in the record books.

A whitetail deer hunting ranch can be a perfect way to get away with friends, family or both. When you are not chasing your prey, most ranches offer other amenities including game rooms, entertainment areas, and perhaps even a few hours of fishing in any of the ponds or streams.

The main lodges are equipped to house multiple hunters and serve a wide array of home style meals. And you can bet there will be at least one dedicated room that displays several of the trophy deer heads mounted on the walls.

Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch is located in Missouri and we have just added a second ranch due to the ongoing demand. Hunt for your Missouri whitetail at our facility where we offer guided whitetail hunts from September to January.