In most states, you count yourself lucky if you even draw an elk tag, much less harvest an elk. Many hunters dream of bringing home a trophy bull. It’s a dream worth having. There’s nothing quite like looking down the sites at a truly magnificent bull elk that scores 400 or more inches. Unfortunately, most hunters never manage to take the elk they’ve been dreaming of, especially if they go it alone. Your best chance to harvest a bull elk-especially a record book class bull elk- is to go on guided elk hunts.

For one thing, you don’t need to wait to draw a tag. Most elk hunting outfitters, especially those who work with a managed game ranch, can handle the licensing details for you. Why wait to win your state’s elk tag lottery when you can contact elk hunting outfitters with a proven record of helping hunters harvest quality elk?

For another thing, elk hunting outfitters know how to pattern and where to find the best elk. Not only do they know the lay of the land on their game ranches, but in many cases, they have built in food plots which help the elk to grow larger (body and horns) than they would on public (or even unmanaged private) land. Going on guided elk hunts with experienced elk hunting outfitters gives you the best chance of a shot at a record class bull elk.

Guided elk hunts do cost more than heading off into the brush yourself. There’s no question about that. Still, most of us have no problem spending money on the latest and best hunting equipment, money on land leases, money on licenses, time practicing, and time scouting. If we’re willing to invest all that, doesn’t it make sense to invest extra in guided elk hunts so we’ll actually get to see a trophy elk? The right elk hunting outfitters can make all the difference in the world as to whether you have a successful trophy hunt or go home empty handed.

Of course, you should carefully and thoroughly check out any elk hunting outfitters before you write the check out. Lots of people will tell you they can take you on guided elk hunts. Make sure the elk hunting outfitters you’re working with actually have a solid track record for helping hunters harvest the kind of bull elk you want to take. Do you want a record book elk? Make sure your elk hunting outfitters have delivered for other clients. See if you can find them in the Pope& Young or Boone & Crocket record books.

Even if you’re only looking for a “solid” bull elk (and really, any large elk is a truly memorable trophy), you’ll still want to make sure your elk hunting outfitters have experience taking hunters of your level of experience on successful guided elk hunts.

Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch in Missouri offers trophy whitetail and guided elk hunts for serious hunters. We are well represented in the record books and routinely help hunters harvest bulls in the 400 to 500 inch range. When you’re ready to take home that trophy elk, contact us and let our team of experienced hunters and guides help you harvest the elk of your dreams.