The Hunter’s Specialty Vita Rack Clover we planted in our food plots is already drawing in the deer and turkeys. PICT0034

We set out our trail cams to catch any activity we might be having on the plots and were extremely excited by what we saw. There were deer and turkey all over it.

We are seeing some really nice young bucks this season and they are already starting to slick up and look good coming out of winter. The young buck above is off of Oak Creek  2.

PICT0067Over the past week, it has been normal to see deer and turkey out on the plots at all times of the day.

The most deer has been in the lower twentys and 12 turkeys at one time.

The turkeys are starting to split up here and the gobblers are really starting to jockey for dominance here on the ranch.

As the summer goes along, be watching for more updates.