Our first day started with checking in, sighting in our gun, and meeting our guide Willie. We had a meeting that Sunday night to get started to get ready to hunt Monday morning.

Day 1

Monday morning started a little slow only seeing 3 young does and the action picked up that evening seeing about 15 deer between does and young bucks even got to see a couple young bucks fight. The day ended and went to back to the lodge and had a great supper and settled in to get ready for Tuesday morning.

Day 2

When Tuesday morning arrived my Dad and I had a quick breakfast and started out with Willie. We drove in and parked and on our walk in to the stand there he was in the back of the field. So we all stopped and Willie looked at him a while as he was chasing does around the field. After Willie said he was a shooter we started making moves to get into position.

The Stalk

We set our shooting sticks and started to move forward. Willie grunted a few times to catch is attention and as he turned a young buck entered the field with the hot doe he was with and he came in to run the young buck out of the field. After waiting a while and the build up of anticipation he finally gave me a shot. I took my time and at 220 yards I took a shot. Willie watched and knew the deer was hit.

We gave him a little while and ended up jumping the deer so we backed out and went to the truck and Willie drove down a road between where I shot and where the deer went. About that time, Willie spotted him laid up against a tree and we gave him a little while.

After a few minutes that seemed like forever we made our way to him and was able to get him. I was beyond excited!  When we got back to the lodge, it was amazing just how awesome the animal was.

It was an experience of a lifetime and I would recommend Oak Creek to anyone. A big thanks to my Dad, Willie, and all the guys that made the hunt awesome. Thanks to Donald Hill for allowing us to hunt and thanks to Marty for some awesome pictures. If you want an experience of a lifetime, look no further than Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch.

This March I got my buck back from the taxidermist. It brings back the memories from the hunt I will remember forever!