Ignite the Hunting Passion in Your Child With a Trip to Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch

As an avid sportsman, you know that hunting can be a healthy, challenging, and educational activity.  You also want to pass along this passion to your children, and help them learn how to hunt whitetail deer. That way, they, too, can gain the sense of pride and accomplishment that comes from a successful outing. How can you transition your child from simply curious to seasoned hunter? A trip to Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch is a great place to start. Our location offers some of the best whitetail hunting in the country, and we can help make your child’s first hunting experience incredibly successful and memorable.

Situated in a beautiful preserve-like setting, our family-oriented hunting ranchoffers comfortable accommodations for both you and your child.


When you select Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch, you’ll be hunting in an area that has shattered many SCI records for trophy whitetails. This is why so many hunters come to us for exciting and successful hunts. Your child will have an incredible experience, while also igniting a passion for the sport that will last a lifetime. You can also feel confident that you are operating with an organization that is committed to responsible conservation efforts, which is an excellent lesson to pass on to your child.

As you prepare for your child’s first major hunting trip, here are a few things to help set him or her up for success:

  • First, ensure that your child is well-versed in all of the proper safety procedures for hunting and gun safety.
  • It’s a good idea to take your child to a firing range or gun club so that he or she can become comfortable with and accustomed to shooting a gun.
  • Let your child know what to expect on a hunt and how it works. Kids like to know what’s going to happen, and it helps them enjoy the experience when they feel confident and secure.
  • If you need any gear for your child, our pro shop offers many items to help best outfit you for your hunt.

We want you and your child to have an unforgettable adventure together. To schedule your trip to Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch, contact us today!