Hunting ranches in general offer the opportunity for individuals, families, and businesses to hunt and provide a memorable experience for its patrons. Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch offers an increased opportunity, and often breed some of the biggest Whitetail Deer and Elk in the country.

When it comes to Missouri deer hunting ranches, Oak Creek is one of the best. The Hill Family and their team offers an expansive hunting ground. The deer and even elk found on their ranch are some of the largest and most beautiful in the country.

They are a family oriented hunting ranch, and provides a luxurious place to stay. Included is a variety of delicious foods for everyone, as well as the hunting licenses, and dressing service for your kill. The deer hunting preserve offers an opportunity to take a massive buck. The average deer harvested last year scored 243’, with 400”+ deer consistently taken each year. Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch now holds 33 of the Top 35 Typical and 30 of the Top 35 Non-Typical Midwestern Whitetail deer in the record books.

As a hunter on Oak Creek, you’ll find yourself on a beautiful deer hunting ranch, accompanied by our exceptional guides, with over 60 years of combined guiding experience, allowing them to provide you with the opportunity of a lifetime. These guides know the lay of the land, how to treat a customer and where to find that monster buck.

The main house of Oak Creek Ranch is absolutely gorgeous and provides a beautiful backdrop, and a wonderful place to stay at the end of a hunt. The lodge is 9,000 square feet and outfitted with beautiful trophy mounts. An excellent place to enjoy an amazing meal and looking at the trophies on the wall will get your motor running for the hunt. Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch is worthy of being envied when it comes to game hunting preserves.