The impact of COVID-19 has created distance between us – neighbors, friends, colleagues, and family alike. The impact of this social isolation is real, and its effect on family connections profound. Zoom, email, FaceTime and phone calls cannot replace the bonding of being together and sharing common experiences.

As the reopening moves ahead there will be opportunities to reconnect families across town and across the country. Until a vaccine offers widespread immunity, the emphasis will still be on social distancing which impacts group gatherings indoors. Recent findings suggest that transmission outdoors is far less likely as the virus dissipates more readily.

Planning a family gathering for whitetail deer at a COVID-19 sensitive hunting venue gives all your family members something positive to look forward to while planning for the bonding experience of hunting together. Make a family project of it.

  • Set dates during the season
  • Invite family members
  • Create equipment lists so that each person is fully set up
  • Set travel plans for each person
  • Prepare younger family members for their first hunting experience
  • Ask each family member to plan an event’s family share album for photos and stories
  • Create a countdown timer and notices to build the anticipation
  • Stay current with COVID-19 regulations and orders for each location

What better way could there be of celebrating an opening world and the coming together of families long separated by the COVID-19 restrictions than on a family event at a beautiful, one of a kind location?

Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch in Central Missouri offers a special family hunting program that recognizes the importance of teaching new hunters the skills of hunting and the values of conservation along with the thrill of world class trophies, all provided in a family friendly environment. A hunt at Oak Creek is a never to be forgotten family experience.