Change is coming to the hunting world!

The Future Forecasting….

photo credit deer and deer hunting

Change is coming to the hunting world! We’re not the hunters that used to be. No longer do hunters put on their best flannel and quilted blue jeans and head for the hills sporting a 47 year old single shot rifle that’s been handed down 4 generations. Technology has taken over. Everything from new camo technologies to better and more durable gear. The times are changing and so are hunters. With all the technology and advancement in tactics in our sport it is hard to predict what may happen next, but I do have my theories.

2 Kinds of Hunters

I believe we will start to see 2 kinds of hunters begin to dominate the landscape.

The first I believe will have the millennial generations way of thinking. I think that this group will start “getting back to the roots of hunting”. They will get back to old school hunting with firearms passed through families, and they will get back to not wearing camo. This group I believe will get their satisfaction simply out of experiencing nature. 

Change is coming to the hunting world!The second group will be the “die hard” hunters who focus all their time and energy on one specific animal and will not settle for less. These will be the hit-list hunters. They will get their satisfaction out of creating a history with an animal and their pursuit of harvesting it. They will use all the latest technologies to accomplish their goals.

There are millions of possibilities that could come of the future of hunting. This is just an idea of what I think may come about. The important thing as hunters is that we preserve our sport and fight for our rights to do so. No matter what the future landscape may look like for hunter, we have a responsibility to grow the sport and to conserve the many species we love and hunt.

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