Buck of My Lifetime



I just wanted to take a few moments to say “Thank You” for all you do to promote wildlife conservation and for the benefits you provide to those who have a physical or mental handicap, as well as those youngsters and families that are less fortunate than us. Oak Creek is such a special, special place.  Your heart is as big as you are.
I also want to tell you what a great hunt I had recently.  Too tell you the truth, when I started out i wasn’t looking for any particular buck, just for a nice one, like always.  When you sent me the text the night before my arrival telling me about the buck that you had patterned and had been saving, I was intrigued for sure. When I saw the picture of him, I knew he was the one that I wanted.  This was the first time in my life that I focused on hunting just one particular buck. Despite the warm weather and the fact that he had changed his pattern, and thanks to you, Chris, Marty, and Jesse we finally located him.  For me, It was a thrilling hunt for sure. You can not imagine how many congratulatory comments and WOW’s that I have received from my relatives, friends, hunting buddies, and Facebook followers. I am a very lucky guy, for without the help of you and all the staff at Oak Creek I would never have harvested the “Buck of My Lifetime”.
One of the best things that I have done in my life was visiting with you at the DSC Convention way back in January, 2010 and deciding to come to Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch for my first hunt. Every one of my 6 trips to Oak Creek has a special memory for me.
I’ll see you in Dallas at the DSC Convention & Sporting Expo in January. Until then, “Thanks again my friend for a great experience”.
Your friend always,